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Collections of material

  1. AAMC Pre-health collection repository: A collection of curricular materials that supports undergraduate faculty who work with students preparing for a career in the health professions.
  2. Material supporting IPLS on COMPADRE.

Bio 2010, SFFP, and responses

  1. Introductory Science and Mathematics Education for 21st-Century Biologists, Science 2004, Bialek and Botstein
  2. Bio 2010 TRANSFORMING UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION FOR FUTURE RESEARCH BIOLOGISTS, Committee on Undergraduate Biology Education to Prepare Research Scientists for the 21st Century, Board on Life Sciences, Division on Earth and Life Studies, NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMIES
  3. Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians, Howard Hughes Medical Institute- Association of American Medical Colleges: June 2009 report recommending new standards for premedical and medical student training.
  4. Excerpts from SSFP most relevant to introductory physics
  5. See also editorials on this report in Science (June 5, 2009) and the Chronicle of Higher Education
  6. Physics for Future Physicians and Life Scientists: a moment of opportunity, APS News 2010 Crouch, Hilborn, Kane, Reeves

Talks on IPLS Reform (both content based and general)

  1. General
    1. Science education for premedical and medical students: Report from the Scientific Foundations of Future Physicians Committee presented by Bob Hilborn at the Conference on Physics in Undergraduate Quantitative Life Science Education
    2. MR5: The 5th Comprehensive Review of the MCAT Exam presented by Karen Mitchell at the Conference on Physics in Undergraduate Quantitative Life Science Education
    3. Initial Responses to the “Scientific Foundations of Future Physicians” report: The Effect on Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences presented by Suzanne Amador Kane at the 2010 Winter AAPT Meeting
    4. Educational Challenges in Biological Physics at March 2010 APS Meeting
      1. Education at the Interface -- Experiences and Perspectives, Jose Onuchic
      2. Keeping the Physics in Biophysics and Vice Versa, Philip Nelson
      3. Hands-On Education at the Interface Between Physics and Biology, Rob Phillips
      4. Some adventures in teaching at the interface of physics and biology, William Bialek
      5. Viral DNA Packaging at Base Pair Resolution, Division of Biological Physics Thesis Award Winner: Jeffrey Moffitt
  2. Content based
    1. An Introductory Mechanics Approach to Cells and Molecules presented by Mark Reeves at the 2009 Summer AAPT Meeting
    2. Integrating Laser Tweezers into the Introductory Physics Curriculum presented by Mark Reeves at the 2010 Winter AAPT Meeting
    3. AAPT Su2013 IPLS Workshop
        Introductory talks Material from morning workshops Material from afternoon workshops