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Past and Upcoming Conferences relating to Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences

Teaching Medical Physics: Innovations in Learning: American Association of Medical Physicists Summer School, July 22-25, 2010, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

Summer AAPT Meeting (Portland, Oregon) July 17-21, 2010. Will have both a workshop on IPLS labs and talks and posters on IPLS related issues:

2010 Gordon Research Conference on Physics Research and Education : Experimental Research and Laboratories in Physics Education June 6 - 11, 2010 at Mt. Holyoke College

APS 2010 March Meeting, Educational Challenges in Biological Physics session

2010 APS/AAPT Joint Meeting, Session on Reforming Introductory Physics Courses for Life Science Majors II, February 13 - 17, Washington DC,

Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences Workshop, Jan 9, 2010 Phil Lockett (Centre College) and Juan Rodriguez (Centenary College) hosted a one day workshop at Centre College on Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS). The primary goal of the workshop was to explore ways to improve the teaching of physics to life science students. In addition, the impact of the new HHMI-AAMC and Bio2010 reports on physics teaching will also be discussed.

Conference on Physics in Undergraduate Quantitative Life Science Education, October 24, 2009, George Washington University, Washington DC